Adventures on Crete: A travelogue full of surprises

Abenteuer auf Kreta: Ein Reisebericht voller Überraschungen

Well, who hasn't dreamed of a summer holiday on Crete? Sandy beaches, turquoise sea and lots of fun - that sounds like a perfect break from everyday life, doesn't it?

So I was ready for my trip to Crete, with my sunglasses and a cocktail in hand, ready to immerse myself in Greek island culture. But life had other plans for me...

First I encountered a herd of goats blocking my road. I waited patiently until they finally decided to move on. But only a few minutes later I was again confronted with a flock of sheep - I could hardly believe it!

When I finally got to the beach I was ready to relax and enjoy the sun. But it wasn't long before I was surrounded by a horde of tourists screaming into their selfie sticks. The beach was so crowded it looked like there was a music festival going on.

I decided to take a break from all the hustle and bustle and try the Greek food. I ordered a Greek salad and expected fresh veggies, but instead I got a bunch of tomatoes and a sprinkling of feta - where did the rest of the veggies go? I could only imagine it being eaten by the sheep.

I decided it was time to explore the island. But what I discovered on my journey was beyond anything I'd ever experienced - the streets were so narrow you could barely let a car pass, and I got lost so many times I almost thought I would never find your way home.

But despite all these obstacles, I had an amazing holiday in Crete. I learned how to handle the goats, had a great time at the beach, met a lot of interesting people and ate the best tzatziki of my life.

Crete was definitely worth the trip and I would recommend it to anyone up for an adventure.