An unforgettable week on Crete: Luxury vacation at the 4-star Vantaris Beach Hotel at a bargain price!

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Once upon a time there was a young woman named Laura who wanted to take a break from everyday life. She had heard from a friend that there was a way to spend a week in a luxury hotel on Crete for little money.

Laura was skeptical at first, but after looking at the offers, she decided on the 4-star Vantaris Beach Hotel. It seemed perfect for their need to relax and unwind.

When she finally arrived in Crete, she was struck by the beauty of the island and the luxurious hotel. The hotel was beautiful and located right on the beach with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Laura spent her days relaxing by the pool, walking the beach and exploring the local attractions. She visited historical sites and discovered local cuisine and culture.

The staff at the hotel were very friendly and accommodating and made sure that your stay was a memorable one. Laura enjoyed every moment of her trip and was grateful for the opportunity to stay in a luxurious hotel for so little money.

When her week in Crete finally came to an end, Laura felt refreshed and renewed. She knew she had an unforgettable experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable yet luxurious vacation.

Book now - €461 pp for a week from 05/01/23